IKO Bearing

If you want to confirm some technical details before you order,
just need to send a message or e-mail: sale@all-bearing.com .
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Brand Model Size
IKO BA 1010 Z 15.875x20.638x15.88
IKO BA 1012 Z 15.875x20.638x19.05
IKO BA 1014 Z 15.875x20.638x22.22
IKO BA 1016 Z 15.875x20.638x25.4
IKO BA 105 Z 15.875x20.638x7.92
IKO BA 107 Z 15.875x20.638x11.13
IKO BA 108 Z 15.875x20.638x12.7
IKO BA 1110 Z 17.462x22.225x15.88
IKO BA 1112 Z 17.462x22.225x19.05
IKO BA 116 Z 17.462x22.225x9.52
IKO BA 118 Z 17.462x22.225x12.7
IKO BA 1210 Z 19.05x25.4x15.88
IKO BA 1212 Z 19.05x25.4x19.05
IKO BA 1214 Z 19.05x25.4x22.22
IKO BA 1216 Z 19.05x25.4x25.4
IKO BA 126 Z 19.05x25.4x9.52
IKO BA 128 Z 19.05x25.4x12.7
IKO BA 1310 Z 20.638x26.988x15.88
IKO BA 1312 Z 20.638x26.988x19.05
IKO BA 1314 Z 20.638x26.988x22.22
IKO BA 1316 Z 20.638x26.988x25.4
IKO BA 1320 Z 20.638x26.988x31.75
IKO BA 136 Z 20.638x26.988x9.52
IKO BA 138 Z 20.638x26.988x12.7
IKO BA 1412 Z 22.225x28.575x19.05
IKO BA 1414 Z 22.225x28.575x22.22
IKO BA 1416 Z 22.225x28.575x25.4
IKO BA 1418 Z 22.225x28.575x28.58
IKO BA 1422 Z 22.225x28.575x34.92
IKO BA 146 Z 22.225x28.575x9.52
IKO BA 148 Z 22.225x28.575x12.7
IKO BA 1510 Z 23.812x30.162x15.88
IKO BA 1516 Z 23.812x30.162x25.4
IKO BA 158 Z 23.812x30.162x12.7
IKO BA 1610 Z 25.4x31.75x15.88
IKO BA 1612 Z 25.4x31.75x19.05
IKO BA 1614 Z 25.4x31.75x22.22
IKO BA 1616 Z 25.4x31.75x25.4
IKO BA 1620 Z 25.4x31.75x31.75
IKO BA 166 Z 25.4x31.75x9.52
IKO BA 167 Z 25.4x31.75x11.13
IKO BA 168 Z 25.4x31.75x12.7
IKO BA 1710 Z 26.988x33.338x15.88
IKO BA 1716 Z 26.988x33.338x25.4
IKO BA 1812 Z 28.575x34.925x19.05
IKO BA 1816 Z 28.575x34.925x25.4
IKO BA 1820 Z 28.575x34.925x31.75
IKO BA 186 Z 28.575x34.925x9.52
IKO BA 188 Z 28.575x34.925x12.7
IKO BA 1910 Z 30.162x38.1x15.88
IKO BA 1916 Z 30.162x38.1x25.4
IKO BA 2010 Z 31.75x38.1x15.88
IKO BA 2012 Z 31.75x38.1x19.05
IKO BA 2016 Z 31.75x38.1x25.4
IKO BA 2020 Z 31.75x38.1x31.75
IKO BA 208 Z 31.75x38.1x12.7
IKO BA 2110 Z 33.338x41.275x15.88
IKO BA 2112 Z 33.338x41.275x19.05
IKO BA 218 Z 33.338x41.275x12.7
IKO BA 2212 Z 34.925x41.275x19.05
IKO BA 2216 Z 34.925x41.275x25.4
IKO BA 2220 Z 34.925x41.275x31.75
IKO BA 228 Z 34.925x41.275x12.7
IKO BA 2410 Z 38.1x47.625x15.88
IKO BA 2412 Z 38.1x47.625x19.05
IKO BA 2414 Z 38.1x47.625x22.22
IKO BA 2416 Z 38.1x47.625x25.4
IKO BA 2420 Z 38.1x47.625x31.75
IKO BA 248 Z 38.1x47.625x12.7
IKO BA 2610 Z 41.275x50.8x15.88
IKO BA 2616 Z 41.275x50.8x25.4
IKO BA 2620 Z 41.275x50.8x31.75
IKO BA 268 Z 41.275x50.8x12.7
IKO BA 2812 Z 44.45x53.975x19.05
IKO BA 2816 Z 44.45x53.975x25.4
IKO BA 2820 Z 44.45x53.975x31.75
IKO BA 2824 Z 44.45x53.975x38.1
IKO BA 3010 Z 47.625x57.15x15.88
IKO BA 3012 Z 47.625x57.15x19.05
IKO BA 3016 Z 47.625x57.15x25.4
IKO BA 308 Z 47.625x57.15x12.7
IKO BA 3216 Z 50.8x60.325x25.4
IKO BA 3220 Z 50.8x60.325x31.75
IKO BA 3224 Z 50.8x60.325x38.1
IKO BA 328 Z 50.8x60.325x12.7
IKO BA 3416 Z 53.975x63.5x25.4
IKO BA 3424 Z 53.975x63.5x38.1
IKO BA 348 Z 53.975x63.5x12.7
IKO BA 3612 Z 57.15x66.675x19.05
IKO BA 3616 Z 57.15x66.675x25.4
IKO BA 3620 Z 57.15x66.675x31.75
IKO BA 3624 Z 57.15x66.675x38.1
IKO BA 4216 Z 66.675x76.2x25.4
IKO BA 44 6.35x11.112x6.35
IKO BA 4410 Z 69.85x79.375x15.88
IKO BA 4412 Z 69.85x79.375x19.05
IKO BA 4416 Z 69.85x79.375x25.4
IKO BA 4420 Z 69.85x79.375x31.75
IKO BA 45 Z 6.35x11.112x7.92
IKO BA 47 Z 6.35x11.112x11.13