INA Bearing

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Brand Model Size
INA 712157110 29.972x72x26.8
INA 712157210 28x66x18
INA 712157710 40.98x78x17.5
INA 712157910 26x55x18
INA 712158410 41.275x86.978x37.5
INA 712177100 25x37x16
INA 712178100 38x78x20.7
INA 712178510 42.5x64.5x17.5
INA 712179410 35x64.5x18.5
INA 712179600 31.75x73.025x29.37
INA 712179700 45.98x90x20
INA 712179800 40.783x93x38
INA 715007900 20x27x30
INA 716011300 20x30x7.5
INA 720003800 42x62x25
INA 722018810 22x30x15
INA 722032910 33x49x16.5
INA 722034710 25x44x19.65
INA 722046100 45x85x19
INA 722054310 65x140x33
INA 722054410 80x150x28
INA 722055210 60x130x31
INA 722055610 88x96x23
INA 722060610 85x150x28
INA 722063010 55x115x28
INA 722063510 80x165x57
INA 722064010 70x165x57
INA 722065310 80x140x33
INA 722066210 70x110x13
INA 722071310 70x110x20
INA 722078510 38x90x23
INA 722081210 55x120x29
INA 722082110 45x100x31
INA 723002800 27x34x20
INA 723006700 54x62x24
INA 726002900 56x80x29.5
INA 808 30x64x38
INA 80X03 203.149x298.45x63.576
INA 81102-TV 15x28x9
INA 81103-TV 17x30x9
INA 81104-TV 20x35x10
INA 81105-TV 25x42x11
INA 81106-TV 30x47x11
INA 81107-TV 35x52x12
INA 81108-TV 40x60x13
INA 81109-TV 45x65x14
INA 81110-TV 50x70x14
INA 81111-TV 55x78x16
INA 81112-TV 60x85x17
INA 81113-TV 65x90x18
INA 81114-TV 70x95x18
INA 81115-TV 75x100x19
INA 81116-TV 80x105x19
INA 81117-TV 85x110x19
INA 81118-TV 90x120x22
INA 81120-TV 100x135x25
INA 81122-TV 110x145x25
INA 81124-TV 120x155x25
INA 81126-TV 130x170x30
INA 81128-TV 140x180x31
INA 81130-TV 150x190x31
INA 81132-TV 160x200x31
INA 81134-TV 170x215x34
INA 81136-M 180x225x34
INA 81138-M 190x240x37
INA 81140-M 200x250x37
INA 81144-M 220x270x37
INA 81148-M 240x300x45
INA 81152-M 260x320x45
INA 81156-M 280x350x53
INA 81160-M 300x380x62
INA 81164-M 320x400x63
INA 81206-TV 30x52x16
INA 81207-TV 35x62x18
INA 81208-TV 40x68x19
INA 81209-TV 45x73x20
INA 81210-TV 50x78x22
INA 81211-TV 55x90x25
INA 81212-TV 60x95x26
INA 81213-TV 65x100x27
INA 81214-TV 70x105x27
INA 81215-TV 75x110x27
INA 81216-TV 80x115x28
INA 81217-TV 85x125x31
INA 81218-TV 90x135x35
INA 81220-TV 100x150x38
INA 81222-TV 110x160x38
INA 81224-TV 120x170x39
INA 81226-TV 130x190x45
INA 81228-M 140x200x46
INA 81230-M 150x215x50
INA 81232-M 160x225x51
INA 81234-M 170x240x55
INA 81236-M 180x250x56
INA 81238-M 190x270x62
INA 81240-M 200x280x62
INA 81244-M 220x300x63
INA 81248-M 240x340x78
INA 81252-M 260x360x79
INA 81256-M 280x380x80