INA Bearing

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Brand Model Size
INA AXK260X290X5 260x290x5
INA AXK260X306X5 260x306x5
INA AXK300X330X5 300x330x5
INA AXK3047 30x47x2
INA AXK320X350X5 320x350x5
INA AXK340X396X7 340x396x7
INA AXK3552 35x52x2
INA AXK360X390X5 360x390x5
INA AXK360X416X7 360x416x7
INA AXK400X430X5 400x430x5
INA AXK400X456X7 400x456x7
INA AXK4060 40x60x3
INA AXK4565 45x65x3
INA AXK460X490X5 460x490x5
INA AXK500X546X5 500x546x5
INA AXK5070 50x70x3
INA AXK5578 55x78x3
INA AXK560X606X5 560x606x5
INA AXK6085 60x85x3
INA AXK630X676X5 630x676x5
INA AXK6590 65x90x3
INA AXK7095 70x95x4
INA AXK75100 75x100x4
INA AXK80105 80x105x4
INA AXK85110 85x110x4
INA AXK90120 90x120x4
INA AXS0816 8x16x3
INA AXS100115 101x115x6
INA AXS115129 115x129x5
INA AXS120134 120x134x6
INA AXS1220 12x20x3
INA AXS140154 140x154x6
INA AXS145169 145x169x7.4
INA AXS150164 150x164x6
INA AXS160180 160x180x6
INA AXS175200 175x199x7.4
INA AXS2034 20x34x5
INA AXS3550 35x50x6
INA AXS4558 45x58x6
INA AXS6074 60x74x5
INA AXS8599 85x99x6
INA AXW10 10x27x3.2
INA AXW12 12x29x3.2
INA AXW15 15x31x3.2
INA AXW17 17x33x3.2
INA AXW20 20x38x3.2
INA AXW25 25x45x3.2
INA AXW30 30x50x3.2
INA AXW35 35x55x3.2
INA AXW40 40x63x4.2
INA AXW45 45x68x4.2
INA AXW50 50x73x4.2
INA AY12-NPP-B 12x40x22
INA AY15-NPP-B 15x40x22
INA AY17-NPP-B 17x40x22
INA AY20-NPP-B 20x47x25
INA AY25-NPP-B 25x52x27
INA AY30-NPP-B 30x62x30
INA B1 12.7x30.956x15.88
INA B10 26.988x50.012x19.05
INA B11 28.575x53.19x19.05
INA B12 30.163x53.19x19.05
INA B13 31.75x59.538x19.05
INA B14 33.338x59.54x19.05
INA B15 34.925x62.713x19.05
INA B16 36.513x62.71x19.05
INA B17 38.1x65.888x19.05
INA B18 39.688x65.89x19.05
INA B19 41.275x75.41x22.22
INA B2 14.288x30.96x15.88
INA B20 42.863x75.41x22.22
INA B21 44.45x78.59x22.22
INA B22 46.038x78.59x22.22
INA B23 47.625x81.76x22.22
INA B24 49.213x81.76x22.22
INA B25 50.8x84.94x22.22
INA B26 52.388x84.94x22.22
INA B27 53.975x91.29x22.225
INA B28 55.563x91.29x22.22
INA B29 57.15x80.747x22.22
INA B3 15.875x34.138x15.875
INA B30 58.738x94.46x22.22
INA B31 60.325x97.64x22.22
INA B32 61.913x97.64x22.225
INA B33 63.5x100.813x22.225
INA B34 65.088x100.813x22.225
INA B35 66.675x110.34x28.58
INA B36 68.263x110.34x28.58
INA B37 69.85x113.51x28.58
INA B38 71.438x113.51x28.58
INA B39 74.613x116.69x28.58
INA B4 17.463x34.14x15.88
INA B40 76.2x119.86x28.58
INA B41 82.55x126.21x28.58
INA B42 88.9x132.56x28.58
INA B5 19.05x37.313x15.88
INA B6 20.638x37.31x15.88
INA B7 22.225x46.84x19.05
INA B8 23.813x46.838x19.05
INA B9 25.4x50.1x19.05