INA Bearing

If you want to confirm some technical details before you order,
just need to send a message or e-mail: sale@all-bearing.com .
Then our professional sales staff will contact you within 2 hours.

Brand Model Size
INA ZGB 60X70X60 60x70x60
INA ZGB 70X80X70 70x80x70
INA ZGB 80X90X80 80x90x80
INA ZGB 90X105X80 90x105x80
INA ZKLDF100 100x185x38
INA ZKLDF120 120x210x40
INA ZKLDF150 150x240x40
INA ZKLDF200 200x300x45
INA ZKLDF260 260x385x55
INA ZKLDF325 325x450x60
INA ZKLDF395 395x525x5
INA ZKLDF460 460x600x70
INA ZKLF100200-2Z 100x200x55
INA ZKLF1255-2RS 12x55x25
INA ZKLF1255-2RS-PE 12x55x25
INA ZKLF1255-2Z 12x55x25
INA ZKLF1560-2RS 15x60x25
INA ZKLF1560-2RS-PE 15x60x25
INA ZKLF1560-2Z 15x60x25
INA ZKLF1762-2RS 17x62x25
INA ZKLF1762-2RS-2AP 17x62x50
INA ZKLF1762-2RS-PE 17x62x25
INA ZKLF1762-2Z 17x62x25
INA ZKLF2068-2RS 20x68x28
INA ZKLF2068-2RS-2AP 20x68x56
INA ZKLF2068-2RS-PE 20x68x28
INA ZKLF2068-2Z 20x68x28
INA ZKLF2575-2RS 25x75x28
INA ZKLF2575-2RS-2AP 25x75x56
INA ZKLF2575-2RS-PE 25x75x28
INA ZKLF2575-2Z 25x75x28
INA ZKLF30100-2RS 30x100x38
INA ZKLF30100-2Z 30x100x38
INA ZKLF3080-2RS 30x80x28
INA ZKLF3080-2RS-2AP 30x80x56
INA ZKLF3080-2RS-PE 30x80x28
INA ZKLF3080-2Z 30x80x28
INA ZKLF3590-2RS 35x90x34
INA ZKLF3590-2RS-2AP 35x90x68
INA ZKLF3590-2RS-PE 35x90x34
INA ZKLF3590-2Z 35x90x34
INA ZKLF40100-2RS 40x100x34
INA ZKLF40100-2RS-2AP 40x100x68
INA ZKLF40100-2RS-PE 40x100x34
INA ZKLF40100-2Z 40x100x34
INA ZKLF40115-2RS 40x115x46
INA ZKLF40115-2Z 40x115x46
INA ZKLF50115-2RS 50x115x34
INA ZKLF50115-2RS-2AP 50x115x68
INA ZKLF50115-2RS-PE 50x115x34
INA ZKLF50115-2Z 50x115x34
INA ZKLF50140-2RS 50x140x54
INA ZKLF50140-2Z 50x140x54
INA ZKLF60145-2Z 60x145x45
INA ZKLF70155-2Z 70x155x45
INA ZKLF80165-2Z 80x165x45
INA ZKLF90190-2Z 90x190x55
INA ZKLFA0630-2Z 6x19x12
INA ZKLFA0640-2RS 6x24x15
INA ZKLFA0640-2Z 6x24x15
INA ZKLFA0850-2RS 8x32x20
INA ZKLFA0850-2Z 8x32x20
INA ZKLFA1050-2RS 10x32x20
INA ZKLFA1050-2Z 10x32x20
INA ZKLFA1263-2RS 12x42x25
INA ZKLFA1263-2Z 12x42x25
INA ZKLFA1563-2RS 15x42x25
INA ZKLFA1563-2Z 15x42x25
INA ZKLN0619-2Z 6x19x12
INA ZKLN0624-2RS 6x24x15
INA ZKLN0624-2RS-PE 6x24x15
INA ZKLN0624-2Z 6x24x15
INA ZKLN0832-2RS 8x32x20
INA ZKLN0832-2Z 8x32x20
INA ZKLN100160-2Z 100x160x55
INA ZKLN1034-2RS 10x34x20
INA ZKLN1034-2RS-PE 10x34x20
INA ZKLN1034-2Z 10x34x20
INA ZKLN1242-2RS 12x42x25
INA ZKLN1242-2RS-PE 12x42x25
INA ZKLN1242-2Z 12x42x25
INA ZKLN1545-2RS 15x45x25
INA ZKLN1545-2RS-PE 15x45x25
INA ZKLN1545-2Z 15x45x25
INA ZKLN1747-2RS 17x47x25
INA ZKLN1747-2RS-2AP 17x47x50
INA ZKLN1747-2RS-PE 17x47x25
INA ZKLN1747-2Z 17x47x25
INA ZKLN2052-2RS 20x52x28
INA ZKLN2052-2RS-2AP 20x52x56
INA ZKLN2052-2RS-PE 20x52x28
INA ZKLN2052-2Z 20x52x28
INA ZKLN2557-2RS 25x57x28
INA ZKLN2557-2RS-2AP 25x57x56
INA ZKLN2557-2RS-PE 25x57x28
INA ZKLN2557-2Z 25x57x28
INA ZKLN3062-2RS 30x62x28
INA ZKLN3062-2RS-2AP 30x62x56
INA ZKLN3062-2RS-PE 30x62x28
INA ZKLN3062-2Z 30x62x28