KOYO Bearing

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Brand Model Size
KOYO 16015 75x115x13
KOYO 16016 80x125x14
KOYO 16017 85x130x14
KOYO 16018 90x140x16
KOYO 16019 95x145x16
KOYO 16020 100x150x16
KOYO 16021 105x160x18
KOYO 16022 110x170x19
KOYO 16024 120x180x19
KOYO 16026 130x200x22
KOYO 16028 140x210x22
KOYO 16030 150x225x24
KOYO 16032 160x240x25
KOYO 16034 170x260x28
KOYO 16036 180x280x31
KOYO 16038 190x290x31
KOYO 16040 200x310x34
KOYO 16044 220x340x37
KOYO 16048 240x360x37
KOYO 16052 260x400x44
KOYO 16056 280x420x44
KOYO 16060 300x460x50
KOYO 16064 320x480x50
KOYO 16068 340x520x57
KOYO 16072 360x540x57
KOYO 16080 400x600x63
KOYO 16084 420x620x63
KOYO 16088 440x650x67
KOYO 16092 460x680x71
KOYO 16096 480x700x71
KOYO 160FC108750 800x1080x750
KOYO 16131/16284
KOYO 16137/16284 34.925x72.238x20.638
KOYO 16143/16282
KOYO 16143/16284
KOYO 16150/16282 38.1x71.996x19
KOYO 16150/16283 38.1x72.238x23.812
KOYO 16150/16284 38.1x72.238x20.638
KOYO 16151/16284
KOYO 1674/1620
KOYO 1680/1620
KOYO 16BM2212 16x22x12
KOYO 16BM2216 16x22x16
KOYO 16BTM2212A 16x22x12
KOYO 16BTM2216 16x22x16
KOYO 16BTM2222B 16x22x22
KOYO 16MKM2212 16x22x12
KOYO 16MKM2216 16x22x16
KOYO 16MM2212 16x22x12
KOYO 16MM2216 16x22x16
KOYO 16NQ2316 16x23x16
KOYO 16NQ2322A 16x23x22
KOYO 16R2118BP-2 16x21x17.5
KOYO 16R2120AP 16x21x19.5
KOYO 16R2120EP-2
KOYO 16VP2126 16x21x26
KOYO 16VS2212-2 16x22x12
KOYO 17098/17244 24.981x62x16.002
KOYO 17098X/17244
KOYO 170FC118850 850x1180x850
KOYO 17118/17244 29.987x62x16.002
KOYO 17118S/17244
KOYO 17119/17244 30.162x62x16.002
KOYO 172FC114750 860x1140x750
KOYO 1755/1729 22.225x56.896x19.368
KOYO 17580R/17520 15.875x42.862x16.67
KOYO 1774/1729
KOYO 1774/1729X
KOYO 1775/1730
KOYO 1779/1729 23.812x56.896x19.368
KOYO 1779/1729X
KOYO 1780/1730
KOYO 17887/17831
KOYO 17BKM2517JBUUH 17x25x16.7
KOYO 17BM2312 17x23x12
KOYO 17BM2320 17x23x20
KOYO 17BTM2215 17x21.5x15
KOYO 17MM2312 17x23x12
KOYO 17NQ2520 17x25x20
KOYO 17NQ3013D 17x30x13
KOYO 17NQ3216D 17x32x16
KOYO 17R2220 17x22x20
KOYO 17VS2314AP 17x23x14
KOYO 17VS2414AP 17x24x14
KOYO 180FC123870A 900x1230x895
KOYO 18200/18337 50.8x85.725x19.05
KOYO 18587/18520 39.688x73.025x16.667
KOYO 18590/18520 41.275x73.025x16.667
KOYO 18591/18520
KOYO 18685/18620 44.45x79.375x17.462
KOYO 18690/18620 46.038x79.375x17.462
KOYO 18780/18720
KOYO 18790/18721
KOYO 18790/18723
KOYO 18790/18724 50.8x88.9x17.462
KOYO 18BM2412 18x24x12
KOYO 18BM2416 18x24x16
KOYO 18BTM2412 18x24x12
KOYO 18MM2412 18x24x12
KOYO 18MM2416 18x24x16