NTN Bearing

If you want to confirm some technical details before you order,
just need to send a message or e-mail: sale@all-bearing.com .
Then our professional sales staff will contact you within 2 hours.

Brand Model Size
NTN UK319D1 95x200x67
NTN UK320D1 100x215x73
NTN UK322D1 110x240x80
NTN UK324D1 120x260x86
NTN UK326D1 130x280x90
NTN UK328D1 140x300x95
NTN W5207LLUC3/5C 35x72x30.2
NTN W60/1,5ZA 1.5x6x3
NTN W60/2,5ZA 2.5x8x4
NTN W602ZA 2x7x3.5
NTN W603Z 3x9x5
NTN W67/2,5ZA 2.5x5x2.3
NTN W6700LLF 10x15x4
NTN W678AZ 8x12x3.5
NTN W678AZZ 8x12x3.5
NTN W679Z 9x14x4.5
NTN W68/1,5SA 1.5x4x2
NTN W68/2,5ZA 2.5x6x2.6
NTN W682SA 2x5x2.3
NTN W682SSA 2x5x2.3
NTN W683ZA 3x7x3
NTN W683ZZ 3x7x3
NTN W684ASSA 4x9x4
NTN W684AX50Z 4x9x4
NTN W685Z 5x11x5
NTN W685ZZ 5x11x5
NTN W686Z 6x13x5
NTN W686ZZ 6x13x5
NTN W687AZ 7x14x5
NTN W687AZZ 7x14x5
NTN W688ALB 8x16x5
NTN W688ALLU 8x16x5
NTN W688AZ 8x16x5
NTN W688AZZ 8x16x5
NTN W689Z 9x17x5
NTN W689ZZ 9x17x5
NTN W689ZZS 9x17x5
NTN W69/1,5ASA 1.5x5x2.6
NTN W69/2,5SA 2.5x7x3.5
NTN W692SA 2x6x3
NTN W692SSA 2x6x3
NTN W693Z 3x8x4
NTN W693ZZ 3x8x4
NTN WA673SA 3x6x2.5
NTN WA673SSA 3x6x2.5
NTN WA674ASA 4x7x2.5
NTN WA674AZZ 4x7x2.5
NTN WA675Z 5x8x2.5
NTN WA676AZ 6x10x3
NTN WA676AZZ 6x10x3
NTN WA676ZZ 6x10x3
NTN WA677Z 7x11x3
NTN WA677ZZ 7x11x3
NTN WB-10ZZ 4x10x4
NTN WB-11ZZ 5x11x4
NTN WB-5SSA 2x5x2.5
NTN WB-8ZZ 4x8x3
NTN WBC2,5-7ZA 2.5x7x3
NTN WBC2,5-7ZZA 2.5x7x3
NTN WBC2,5-8ZA 2.5x8x2.8
NTN WBC2-5SA 2x5x2.5
NTN WBC3-9ZA 3x9x4
NTN WBC4-10Z 4x10x4
NTN WBC4-8Z 4x8x3
NTN WBC5-10Z 5x10x4
NTN WBC5-11Z 5x11x4
NTN WBC5-11ZZ 5x11x4
NTN WBC5-13Z 5x13x5
NTN WBC5-13ZZ 5x13x5
NTN WBC5-9Z 5x9x3
NTN WBC6-12Z 6x12x4
NTN WBC6-12ZZ 6x12x4
NTN WBC7-13Z 7x13x4
NTN WBC8-14LL 8x14x4
NTN WBC8-14Z 8x14x4
NTN WBC8-14ZZ 8x14x4
NTN WC87013 13x32x12.7
NTN WC87016 16x35x12.7
NTN WC87037 7x22x10.319
NTN WC87500 10x30x12.7
NTN WC87502 15x35x12.7
NTN WC87504 20x47x15.875
NTN WC88503 17x40x16.601