NTN Bearing

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Brand Model Size
NTN 238/560K 560x680x90
NTN 238/750 750x920x128
NTN 238/750K 750x920x128
NTN 238/850 850x1.030.000x136
NTN 238/850K 850x1.030.000x136
NTN 23872 360x440x60
NTN 23872K 360x440x60
NTN 23884 420x520x75
NTN 23884K 420x520x75
NTN 23896 480x600x90
NTN 239/1000 1000x1320x236
NTN 239/1000K 1000x1320x236
NTN 239/1060 1060x1400x250
NTN 239/1060K 1060x1400x250
NTN 239/1120 1120x1460x250
NTN 239/1120K 1120x1460x250
NTN 239/1180 1180x1540x272
NTN 239/1180K 1180x1540x272
NTN 239/1250 1250x1630x280
NTN 239/1250K 1250x1630x280
NTN 239/1320 1320x1720x300
NTN 239/1320K 1320x1720x300
NTN 239/1400 1400x1820x315
NTN 239/1400K 1400x1820x315
NTN 239/500 500x670x128
NTN 239/500K 500x670x128
NTN 239/530 530x710x136
NTN 239/530K 530x710x136
NTN 239/560 560x750x140
NTN 239/560K 560x750x140
NTN 239/600 600x800x150
NTN 239/600K 600x800x150
NTN 239/630 630x850x165
NTN 239/630K 630x850x165
NTN 239/670 670x900x170
NTN 239/670K 670x900x170
NTN 239/710 710x950x180
NTN 239/710K 710x950x180
NTN 239/750 750x1000x185
NTN 239/750K 750x1000x185
NTN 239/800 800x1060x195
NTN 239/800K 800x1060x195
NTN 239/850 850x1120x200
NTN 239/850K 850x1120x200
NTN 239/900 900x1180x206
NTN 239/900K 900x1180x206
NTN 239/950 950x1250x224
NTN 239/950K 950x1250x224
NTN 23932 160x220x45
NTN 23932K 160x220x45
NTN 23934 170x230x45
NTN 23934K 170x230x45
NTN 23936 180x250x52
NTN 23936K 180x250x52
NTN 23938 190x260x52
NTN 23938K 190x260x52
NTN 23940 200x280x60
NTN 23940K 200x280x60
NTN 23944 220x300x60
NTN 23944K 220x300x60
NTN 23948 240x320x60
NTN 23948K 240x320x60
NTN 23952 260x360x75
NTN 23952K 260x360x75
NTN 23956 280x380x75
NTN 23956K 280x380x75
NTN 23960 300x420x90
NTN 23960/302 302x420x90
NTN 23960K 300x420x90
NTN 23964 320x440x90
NTN 23964K 320x440x90
NTN 23968 340x460x90
NTN 23968K 340x460x90
NTN 23972 360x480x90
NTN 23972K 360x480x90
NTN 23976 380x520x106
NTN 23976K 380x520x106
NTN 23980 400x540x106
NTN 23980K 400x540x106
NTN 23984 420x560x106
NTN 23984K 420x560x106
NTN 23988 440x600x118
NTN 23988K 440x600x118
NTN 23992 460x620x118
NTN 23992K 460x620x118
NTN 23996 480x650x128
NTN 23996K 480x650x128
NTN 240/1000B 1000x1420x412
NTN 240/1000BK30 1000x1420x412
NTN 240/1060B 1060x1500x438
NTN 240/1060BK30 1060x1500x438
NTN 240/1120B 1120x1580x462
NTN 240/1120BK30 1120x1580x462
NTN 240/1180B 1.180.000x1.660.000x475
NTN 240/1180BK30 1.180.000x1.660.000x475
NTN 240/1320B 1.320.000x1.850.000x530
NTN 240/1320BK30 1.320.000x1.850.000x530
NTN 240/500B 500x720x218
NTN 240/500BK30 500x720x218
NTN 240/530B 530x780x250